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Ensoft StablPro TZPILE
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Hexagon SMIRT 2021.0
Hexagon Vero AlphaCAM 2021.0.2114
Hexagon Vero Edgecam 2022.0
Hexagon Vero VISI 2022.0
Hexagon Vero WorkNC 2022.1.2228
HFSS 15.0
HiMAX V1.1.2
HiPC Beta v5.1.10.212
Hirens BootCD PE 1.0.2
HMI FactoryTalk View Studio 2019 v11.00
HOMAG woodCAD CAM CutRite V10
Home Designer Professional 2022 v23.3.0.8
Hompath Zomeo Ultimate 13.7.2
Honeywell CPM CX R110
Honeywell Predict v6.1.19.465
Honeywell PredictPipe.v3.0
Honeywell RiskIT.v1.0
Honeywell Socrates v10.1.46
Honeywell Strategy-A.v3.1
Honeywell Strategy-B.v3.0.0.2
Honeywell Uniformance Asset Sentinel 520
HONEYWELL UniSim Design Suite R490
HONEYWELL UniSim ExchangerNet.R451
HONEYWELL UniSim Flare.R460.1
Honeywell UniSim Heat.Exchangers.R460.1
HONEYWELL UniSim Operations.R440.1
HONEYWELL UniSim Pressure.Relief.System.R451
HONEYWELL UniSim ThermoWorkbench.R451
Horizontal Drilling
Hot Door CADtools 13.1.0
Howden Group (ex. Chasm Consulting) PumpSim Premium v3.1.2.6 build 30&06&2022
Howden Group (ex. Chasm Consulting) Ventsim Visual Premium v5.4.2.0
HP 3D Scan Pro (DAVID Laserscanner) 5.6 x64
HQPlayer Pro 4.16.0 (x64)
HRS Strata Geoview 10.6
HSC Chemistry v9.5
HSK Weldassistant 8.2.11
HSPiP 5.1.03
huygens 20.10
HVAC Solution Professional 2021.6.11
HxGN MinePlan 2022.4 Release 4 x64
HydroComp NavCad Premium 2022
Hydromantis Capdetworks v4.0
Hydromantis GPS-X v8.0.1
Hydromantis Toxchem v4.4
Hydromantis WatPro v.4.0
hyperDENT V9.1
hyperpost 2019
HyperSizer Pro/Express 7.3.24 x64
Hypertherm ProNest.2022.Build.13.0.4.Win64
HyperWorks Feko 2020.1
HyperWorks Flux 2020.1
HySim (Hydrological Simulator) 4.991
iAnimate Rigs Collection
IBM Cognos BI 8.4
IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server 12.9
IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 22.1.0
IBM rational rhapsody 9.0.1
IBM Rational Software 9.0 Architect
IBM SPSS Amos 24 Multilingual
IBM SPSS Modeler 18.0 Win&macOS
IBM SPSS Statistics 28.0 Win/Mac

Pls mail to: change # into @
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