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Cast-Designer 7.7.1
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Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.00.001.Hotfix.1 Windows
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including ADW) v17.00.005 Hotfix
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60-ISO
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.018 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.014 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.013 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.012 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.011 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.010 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.008 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.007 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.006 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.003 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.001 Update Only
Cadence OrCAD Library Builder & Documentation Editor v16.6 Win32
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including EDM) 17.20.007 Linux
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.00.0 Linux
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.30.019 Linux
Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS 9
Cadence.Allegro.PCB.v16.20.014 Update Only
Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler (CtoS) Product v11.10 Linux
Cadence CAP v22.10.000 Linux
Cadence Ccopt 2012 Linux
Cadence CEREBRUS v22.10.000 Linux
Cadence Clarity 2019 v19.00.000
Cadence Conformal v15.20.100 Linux
Cadence Conformal v8.1 Linux64
Cadense Conformal LEC v10.1 Linux
Cadence CTOS v13.20.200 Linux
Cadence.CTS v9.1 Linux
Cadence Digital Design Implementation (DDI) System ™ Release v22.10.000 Linux
Cadence EDI v13.12.000 Linux
Cadence EDI v12.0 Linux
Cadence EMGR v08.02.001 Linux
Cadence Encounter RTL Compiler v9.10.100 Linux
Cadence Encounter timing system
Cadence Encounter Test 15.12.000 Linux
Cadence Encounter Test
Cadence EXT v19.10.000 Linux
Cadence EXT 18.21.000 ISR1 Linux
Cadence Fidelity 2022.2 v22.20.000 Windows
Cadence Fidelity 22.20.000 Linux
Cadence Design Systems Fidelity Pointwise 22.20.002 Win64
Cadence Fidelity Pointwise 22.10.002 Linux
Cadence FineMarine v11.01.000 Windows
Cadence FineMarine 2022 v11.01.000 Linux
Cadence Finemarine 10.02.001 Linux
Cadence Fineturbo 17.10.001 Win64
Cadence FINETURBO v17.10.001 Linux
Cadence FineOpen 11.10.001 Win64
Cadence Forte CynThesizer 05.03.400 Linux
Cadence GENUS v20.10.000 Linux
Cadence GENUS 15.2 Linux
Cadence Virtuoso, Release Version ICADVM 20.1 ISR19 v20.10.190 Hotfix Only Linux
Cadence ICADVM v20.10.170 Hotfix Linux
Cadence ICADVM 20.0 Linux
Cadence JASPER v22.09.001 Linux
Cadence Jaspergold v20.03 Linux
Cadence JasperGold v2015.12 Linux
Cadence JLS v21.16.000 ISR6 Linux
Cadence Joules Power v19.13.000 ISR3 Hotfix Linux
Cadence Joules v19.13 Linux
Cadence Kitsocv v08.20.003 Linux
Cadence KMC v04.14.000 Linux
Cadence KQV v05.13.002 Linux
Cadence Midas Safety Platform v23.03.002
Cadence Midas Safety 2023.3 build 23.03
Cadence MIDAS 22.09.001 Windows
Cadence (Numeca) OMNIS v5.2 Win64
Cadence PDK Automation System (PAS) Release v03.05.003 Linux
Cadence PDK Automation System (PAS) Release v03.05.003 Windows
Cadence PAS v3.1 Linux
Cadence PEGASUS v22.11.000 Linux
Cadence PEGASUSDFM v22.12.000 Linux
Cadence PSD 15.1-ISO
Cadence PVE v12.10.488 Linux
Cadence PVS v22.20.000 Linux DVD
Cadence PVS 20.11.000 ISR1 Linux
Cadence PVS 16.13.000 ISR3 Linux
Cadence Physical Verification System(PVS) v10.1 Linux
Cadence Physical Verification System(PVS) v10.12.155 Update Only Linux
Cadence SOCKIT v08.02.001 Linux
Cadence RFKIT v8.1 Linux
Cadence RFSIPKT v07.02.001 Linux
Cadence Pointwise v18.60.003 Win64
Cadence SPMN v08.02.001 Linux
Cadence TSI v6.1 Linux
Cadence Spectre X Simulator v19.1 Linux
Cadence SPECTRE 19.10.064 Linux
Cadence Spectre v17.10.124 Linux
Cadence MMSIM 15.10.385 Linux
Cadence MMSIM v14.10.255 Linux
Cadence MMSIM v13.1 Linux
Cadence MMSIM v12.10.317 Linux
Cadence MMSIM v11.10.445 Linux
Cadence MMSIM v10.11.017 Update Linux
Cadence MMSim v10.10.204 Linux
Cadence MMsim v7.11.071 Linux
Cadence MMsim v6.2 linux
Cadence MODUS v22.10.000 Linux
Cadence MVS 15.20.000 Linux
Cadence MVS v12.11.465 Linux
Cadence NEOCKT-03.04.011 Linux
Cadence IC Design Virtuoso v23.10.000 Linux

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