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I am the new girl
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I dont think so
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Dark Web Links & Dangerous Sites on the Dark Web
Dark web is a repository of information or data that requires an authorization process or software to gain access. On dark web there are many sites that allow users to purchase and sell drugs, pornography illicit weapons, as well as stolen personal data. Certain sites on the darkweb are useful, but other sites can be risky. Check out the updated Dark Web Links blog.

Email box
Different emails are sent out by different senders, asking recipients to provide personal information. They contain attachments that request the recipients to share their personal information or install malware or contain scam.

Torrent Sites
The content found on torrent websites is not reliable because the software downloads, video and music contains malware. This is the reason why it is important to avoid torrent sites.

Search Engines
Search engines that show toxic results may cause users to be directed to harmful sites. This will prevent you from getting such results.

Hacked Legal Sites
These are the websites which offer video downloads. The malwares that are installed during video download could be used to obtain personal information. To avoid this, ensure that you've scanned the video and checked that it's secure to download (Faian and. al., 2020).

Twitter is a useful website that keeps everyone informed about the latest happenings across the globe. It contains links that may be dangerous and lead us to hazardous areas. This can help protect you from going to harmful sites by ensuring that you are aware of the URL prior to going.

[Image: 2-The-most-dangerous-sites-on-dark-web.jpg]

Facebook is a social network which connects people to other users on the internet. There are numerous Facebook apps that pose different personal questions which could be harmful to the users. The best way to safeguard your privacy as a user is to change the privacy settings and choose who will be able to see the information.

Hidden Wiki
The hidden wiki is a variant of Wikipedia which is accessible via dark internet. They have information on various things. It is a fantastic way to learn, but you should not click on links that aren't helpful. Hidden wiki is not simply list legitimate websites.

This is the place where information can be found by way of videos, images, social media posts etc. Searx can be helpful in providing this kind of information. Searx doesn't provide all the information it requires and relies on other search engines. Searx is not a legal website, and could create issues for the users.

Daniel is an excellent source that lets you discover information about different websites. You can check the URL using the link and you will find many malwares. They can detect private information that could be used in the future to commit fraud.

Mail Pile
Mail pile encrypts the information and users do not need to share their emails on the cloud. Mail pile can send or share incorrect emails and cause fraud. The personal data can be used in a mail pile that may cause harm to users.

What Are The Ways Cybercriminals Can Take Advantage Of Links On The Dark Web?
The dark web has been the home to numerous cybercriminal actions. Some of these services are used to commit cybercrimes. They include hacking, identity theft, or other types of computer-related fraud. Cybercriminals have access to a variety of sources, including discussion forums as well as online marketplaces, where they can buy and sell stolen information. Scammers love dark-web links for their security. However legitimate users can access the data they need on the internet. There are some questionable sites on the dark web however there are several highly reputable ones. Many legitimate websites offer tools and guidance for those who wish to remain anonymous on the internet. For instance there are numerous email service providers that are part of the TOR network that provide encrypted email services. Dark web links are often used by hackers to take identities, personal information, and the equipment required to conduct digital espionage or other forms of cybercrime.

Are There Positive Uses For Dark Web Links?
But, the anonymity of dark web links can sometimes be employed for legitimate reasons such journalism and whistle-blowing. The anonymity of Tor makes it beneficial under oppressive regimes. It is also able to track dark web links which is extremely helpful for security professionals as well as law enforcement agencies. They can monitor websites that are dark to keep abreast of the tools and methods employed by scammers. Concerning keeping up with such websites, the New York Times does not frequently visit them.

There are numerous websites that are found on the dark internet and are helpful. There are numerous websites which are beneficial and others that are hazardous. It is important to avoid these sites by following the procedures. The scammers can trick you by asking simple questions, only to use the details later.

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