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PointShape Design 1.5.2
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Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 SUS32
Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 SUS64
Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 x86SOL32
Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 x86SOL64
Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06Sparc64
Synopsys PCI-X v2.0
Synopsys Platform Aarchitecture vJ-2015.03 Linux
Synopsys Powerprime vO-2018.06 Linux
Synopsys PP vV-2003.12 SP1 Linux
Synopsys PrimePower StandAlone Tool vO-2018.06 Linu64
Synopsys.PrimePower vY-2006.06 Linux
Synopsys Primerail vA-2008.12.SP1 Linux
Synopsys primerail vD-2010.06 SP1 LinuxIA32
Synopsys primerail vB-2008.12 SP1 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys PrimeSim vS-2021.09 Linux64
Synopsys PT vR-2020.09 SP4.Linux64
Synopsys PrimeTime 2000.05-1 for winNT
Synopsys Primetime vD-2009.12 SP3 Linux
Synopsys Primetime vD-2009.12 SP3 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys PT vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64
Synopsys PrimeTime StandAlone(PT) vP-2019.03 Linux64
Synopsys PrimeTime StandAlone tool vP-2019.03 Linux
Synopsys PrimeTime StandAlone(PTS) vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64
Synopsys pts vP-2019.03 Linux64
Synopsys PWA tool vD-2009.12 Win32
Synopsys PWA tool vD-2009.12 Linux64
Synopsys Pycell Studio 2014.09 Windows
Synopsys Pycell Studio v2014.09 Linux
Synopsys Ranxt vD-2009.12 SP3 Linux32_64
Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 Sparc64
Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 SparcOS5
Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32
Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64
Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32
Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64
Synopsys Saber vP-2019.06 Win64
Synopsys Saber vL-2016.03 Windows
Synopsys Saber vJ-2015.03 Linux
Synopsys Saber vI-2013.12 Linux
Synopsys Saber vI-2013.12 Windows
Synopsys Saber vE-2011.03 WinALL
Synopsys SaberRD vJ-2015.03 Windows
Synopsys SaberRD vD-2011.03.Win32
Synopsys SaberHDL Y-2006.06 WinALL
Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus vT-2022.03 SP2 Linux
Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD 2022.12 Linux
Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD vO-2018.06 SP2 Linux64
Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus Lithography PWA vD-2009.12 Linux64 & Windows
Synopsys Simif vC-2009.09.SP1. Linux
Synopsys Simif vB-2008.09 Sparc64
Synopsys Simif vB-2008.09 SparcOS5
Synopsys Spyglass vT-202206 Linux64
Synopsys Spyglass vP-2019.06 SP1-1 Linux
Synopsys SpyGlass vP-2019.06 SP1 Linux
Synopsys SmartModel Library v2009.06a Linux
Synopsys SmartModel Library v2009.06a Linux64
Synopsys SPW vE-2010.12 Win32
Synopsys ssd vA-2007.09 Linux
Synopsys Starrc vT-2022.03 Linux64
Synopsys STARRC vO-2018.06 Linux
Synopsys STARRC vK-2015.06 Linux64
Synopsys StarRCXT vD-2009.12 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Spice Explorer 2012.06.SP1.WinALL
Synopsys Syn(DC) vR-2020.09 SP4 Linux64
Synopsys Syn vO2018.06 SP1 Linux64
Synopsys Synplify vP-2019.03 SP1 Windows
Synopsys Synplify vL-2018.03 Windows & Linux
Synopsys Synplify vL-2016.03-SP1 Windows & Linux
Synopsys Synplify vK-2015.09 Windows
Synopsys Synplify vJ-2015.03 SP1 Windows
Synopsys Synthesis Tools tool vD-2010.03 Linux
Synopsys Synthesis Tools vO-2018.06 SP1 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD 2016-2017 VM Linux
Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus vD-2010.03.Linux
Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus vI-2013.13 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Tcad Taurus Medici vD-2010.03 Linux
Synopsys Tcad Taurus MD vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Tcad Taurus TS4 vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Testmax vR-2020.09 SP3 Linux64
Synopsys TetraMAX Overlay with Synthesis(tx) vK-2015.06 Linux64
Synopsys TetraMax vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
Synopsys TX vC-2010.03 SP2 Linux
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP3 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32
Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64
Synopsys TetraMAX StandAlone(txs) vK-2015.06 Linux64
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP3 Linux
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP3 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32
Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64
Synthesis Tools tool vZ-2007.03 SP1 Linux
Synopsys VIP(Verification IP) Linux
Synopsys Waveform Viewer wv vQ-2020.03 Linux64
Sentaurus vX-2005.10 SP1 Linux
Hspice 2005.09
Synopsys Star-HSpice v2006 03 SP1
Synopsys.Star-Rcxt vB-2008.12 SP2 Linux
Synopsys.Star-Rcxt vB-2008.12 SP2 LinuxAMD64
Synopsys Vera vD-2009.12 Linux32_64
Synopsys Vera v6.3.10 solaris
Synopsys Verdi vT-2022.06 Linux32_64
Synopsys Verdi vR-2020.12 SP1 Linux64
Synopsys Verdi3.vJ-201412.SP2.Linux32_64
Synopsys Verdi3 vI-2014.03 Linux
Synopsys VC-Static vS-2021.09 Linux64
Synopsys VC-Static vQ-2020.03 Linux
Synopsys VCS vT-2022.06 Linux64
Synopsys VCS vQ-2020.03 SP2 Linu32_64
Synopsys VCS vM-2017.03-SP2 Linux32_64
Synopsys VCS vG-2012.09 Linux32_64
Synopsys VCS Verification IP 2012.12 Linux
Synopsys VCS-MX vO-2018.09 SP2 Linux64
Synopsys VCS MX vN-2017.12 SP2 Linux64
Synopsys VCS-MX.vH-2014.03.Linux32_64
Synopsys Zoix vT-2022.06 SP2.2 Linux64
DVE 2019.06.1 For VCS 2019 Linux64
Synplicity Amplify v3.7
SynpliCity Identify RTL Debugger v2.0.1
Synopsys Synplify Pro vH-2013.03 Window
Synopsys Synplify vF-2012.03 Linux32_64
Synplify Fpga vF-2010.09 Linux
Synplify DSP v3.6
Synplify.Premier.v9.61 Linux
Synplify Pro v9.2.2 Linux
Synplify v8.5 with Identify v2.3.2 Linux
Synplify ASIC v5.02 for win & linux & sun & unix
Taurus Medici vV-2003.12 linux
Virtio VPAI 2.0 Platform
Microsemi Libero SoC v12.4 Win64
Intercept Pantheon 6.0.04B Win32
Intercept Pantheon 6.0.04B Linux
Intercept Pantheon 6.0.04B Solars
Design Spice Explorer v2007.1
Design Spice Explorer v2003.1 Linux
Tanner EDA Tools v16.01 Win64
TannerTools v2019.2 Win64 & Linux64
TannerTools v16.3 Win64
Tanner Tools v15.01
CIM-Team DDS-C R12
Valor Genesis v10.2
Valor Enterprise 3000 v7.2.4
Cadence Altos v12.12.000 Linux
Cadence ANLS v07.10.003 Linux
Cadence ASI v16.64.002 Win32_64
Cadence ASI 16.63.000 Update Only Win32_64
Cadence ASI 16.62 Update Only Win64
Cadence ASI v16.61 Update Only Win32_64
Cadence ASSURA Linux
Cadence.Assura v4.16.001.618 Update Linux
Cadence ASSURA v6. Linux
Cadence.Assura v4.10.002 Linux
Cadence Assura v4.10.006 Update Linux
Cadence Assura v4.12.004.615 Update Linux
Cadence Assura v3.13 for IC4.46 Linux-ISO
Cadence AWR Design Environment v17.0.17415.1 Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v22.10.000 Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v22.10.003 Hotfix Only Win64
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.40.000-2019 Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v17.40.031 Hotfix Only Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021.1 v17.40.027-2019 Hotfix Only Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021.1 v17.40.020-2019 Hotfix Only Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021.1 v17.40.019-2019 QIR3 Hotfix Only Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021 v17.40.017-2019 Hotfix Only Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.006-2019 Hotfix Only Win64
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including EDM) v17.20-2016 Win64
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.20.052 Hotfix Only
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including EDM) v17.20.000-2016 HF042 Update Only Win64
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.20.000-2016 HF045 Update
Cadence SPB 17.20.000 Linux
Cadence SPB 17.20.007 Hotfix Only Linux
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.00-ISO
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including ADW) 17.00.001 Hotfix
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.00.001.Hotfix.1 Windows
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including ADW) v17.00.005 Hotfix
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60-ISO
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.018 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.014 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.013 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.012 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.011 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.010 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.008 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.007 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.006 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.003 Update Only
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.001 Update Only
Cadence OrCAD Library Builder & Documentation Editor v16.6 Win32
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including EDM) 17.20.007 Linux
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.00.0 Linux
Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.30.019 Linux
Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS 9
Cadence.Allegro.PCB.v16.20.014 Update Only

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